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This section of the Drupal documentation covers distributions, which can be searched and downloaded from the Drupal distributions section of Download and Extend.

What are distributions?

Distributions are full copies of Drupal that include Drupal Core, along with additional software such as themes, modules, libraries, and installation profiles. There are two main types of Drupal distributions:
Full-featured distributions
All-inclusive products: complete solutions for specialized use cases.
Other distributions
Quick-start tools: starting points for developers and site builders.
With a "full-featured" distribution, you can quickly and easily set up a site for a specialized purpose such as academic, business, government, nonprofit, publishing, social, etc., in few steps:
  1. Choose your Drupal distribution. You can search on the Distributions page (Download & Extend), which is all-inclusive, or use this list of several specific distributions.
  2. Install it on your web server. See the Installation Guide, and specifically, the Using an installation profile section.
  3. Configure it and enable the desired features from your website's Administer section. See the Administration Guide.

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