Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taxonomy Access Control Lite - Module

This node_access module governs access to nodes based on the taxonomy terms applied to the nodes. A simple scheme based on taxonomy, roles and users controls which content is visible.
As the name implies, this module shares some functionality with an
earlier module called Taxonomy Access Control (TAC). If you are
shopping around for an access control module to use, consider that one
as well. See this module's README.txt for an explanation of "why yet another access control module".
Here are some key features of tac_lite:
  • Designed to be as simple as possible in installation and administration.
  • Uses Drupal's node_access table, db_rewrite_sql hook and
    taxonomy module to leave the smallest possible footprint while doing
    it's job. For example, it introduces no new database tables.
  • Grant permissions based on roles.
  • Grant permissions per user. (Give a specific user access in addition to what his/her roles allow).
  • Supports view, update and delete permissions.
Bear in mind that, like all modules which use Drupal's built-in node_access features, this module does not prevent users from viewing/editing nodes which Drupal's permission allow them to view/edit. To use, configure Drupal to not grant the permission, then configure tac_lite to grant via the node_access table.

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