Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Module- Content Construction Kit (CCK)

The Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser.
Drupal 7 and Fields in Core

Most of CCK has moved to core in the Drupal 7 version.

Please note that this is not the place to get support for D7 Fields! We are getting a number of support requests, bug reports, and even feature requests for D7 fields. Fields are in core in D7, you must file issues there, not here.

The D7 version of the contrib CCK package currently contains:

D6 -> D7 data migration code, see Migrating D6 Content Construction Kit (CCK) to D7 Fields for an explanation of how to upgrade your data.
some miscellaneous helpers to do things that core will not do, like maintain the PHP code snippets some fields may have been using to define allowed values (partially working)

The following features are now handled by separate, dedicated projects:

nodereference and userreference : References project - co-maintainer needed
content_permissions: Field permissions module. See this issue for progress on the D7 version.
fieldgroup : Field group module - with much more awesomeness than in D6 !

Yet to be defined, nothing ported yet:

content_copy : The D7 branch of the Features module supports expoting and importing content types and fields in 'feature' modules. There is currently no UI to manually export and import field definitions.

Integration with other modules:

Views - all Views field integration is handled by Views in D7.
Panels - all Panels field integration is handled by Panels in D7.
Token - see the D7 version of the Token module.
Devel - the Devel module will handle field generation code in D7.

Everything else is in Drupal 7 core.


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